Damage limitation

Damage limitation

How do you want to welcome 2012? Probably not feeling too sorry for yourself so here are a few ideas for damage limitation ahead of the celebrations….

Water!! You knew I would say that but water is the most important ingrediant as it will help your body to function more effectively and your liver to process toxins so get drinking! Make sure you drink a lot today ahead of the party, during and most definately after. Remember…The solution to pollution is dilution!

Vitamin C. Make yourself a delicious smoothy or juice packed with free radical busting antioxidant vit C and liver cleansing beetroot. You could also take 1000 mgs vit C before you go out and when you get in to give your body a helping hand.

Milk Thistle. A wonderful herb that helps the liver detoxification process. I find tincture works best, take 2 mls in a little water (or added to smoothy/juice) twice a day- today and tomorrow if drinking alcohol.

Food! Make sure you have a healthy, nutritious meal before you go out. Something that contains protein and slow release carbs such as chickpeas, beans, brown rice, quinoa, nut burgers and lots of antioxidant boosting fresh vegetables. You do not want to be eating stodgy, dry, processed food that your body has to use a lot of water to digest so steer clear of bread, cheese, greasy/processed/ red meat, white pasta or any fast food. No chips n burger on the way to the pub!

If you do feel a little fragile the next day and you have a headache try and steer clear of the pills. These will overload your already overwhelmed liver and give it more to do. Simple hydrotherapy can work wonders for headaches so soak a clean tea towel in cold water, wring out and wrap around your neck. The energy will be diverted from your head down to your neck as your body heat will warm it up. Keep refreshing it as it warms up. Paddling in very cold water in the bath can also help. This also works well for “Busy Brain” insomnia. Give it a go!

Most importantly….Have fun!! Laugh, cry, woop, squeal and enjoy the love and warmth of those around you… 20102…Here we come!!!