My top five favourite things about my weekend

My top five favourite things about my weekend

It can be soooo easy to think about the crappy things in life and not really give enough notice to the good stuff so here I am basking in the glow of how great life can be sometimes… Something for me to read back over when I am having one of “those” days :-)

  1. Friday night dinner with family and friends….A delicious feast of vegan curries and raw chocolate cheesecake (recipe will be on new website…coming soon!). Yum.
  2. A beautiful run in the woods and sunshine, hard work but worth it!
  3. My Saturday night dinner of chips and a beer with a girly film and my moggy for company…. (husby at a party)
  4. My lie in bed on Sunday morn working on my laptop with window open and sun shining through….Oh yeah baby…
  5. A big walk across Sarratts rolling hills in the afternoon sunshine with my beautiful friend Bex and a cheeky half a Guinness at the pub after whilst putting the world to rights.

These are just a few of my favourite things along with a great yoga session, snuggling up in front of the fire Sunday eve with husby watching a trashy movie and my wonderful drive through the lanes with The Doors blasting out but my top 8 things doesn’t sound so great!

What were your favourite things about your weekend?? Try making a list just to give yourself a smile :-)

What a gorgeous weekend, loving that sunshine, spurring me on to Spring when I do my Detox workshop – 14th March. 19.30 – 21.30….More info to follow…. for all those interested contact me!