September 2012

September 2012

As a nanny and a healthy eating coach I know that getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg is essential for growing bodies. Getting kids to eat greens on the other hand can seem like an uphill struggle. This smoothie works wonderfully and has been tried and tested on 20 6-11 year old […]

Here are 3 of the juices that I made up and enjoyed during my juice cleanse. Try to buy organic where possible and make sure you wash well before juicing. Basically with all the recipes you just chuck them all in the juicer and go! If you only have a high speed blender then you […]

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fab weekend and what beautiful weather we had here in Hertfordshire for the Equinox I decided to do a video blog about how I got on with my juice cleanse over the weekend so I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas and inspiration for your […]

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