About Fresh

About Fresh

Fresh was born through my passion for food, nature, and quest for true happiness. I strongly believe that what we eat can have a profound effect on how we feel and I see examples of this on a daily basis all around me.

I have always enjoyed food and when I met my husband our love for food was something that we had in common. After a while we both became vegan and that’s when the more experimental cooking really began!

In my past I had struggled with issues surrounding food and wanted to find a way to feel healthy, stay slim, enjoy and feel comfortable around food. This is what led to my interest in how what we eat has such an effect on how we feel.

I have a very strong nurturing quality and in my career as a nanny have thoroughly enjoyed cooking healthy, delicious meals for the children I have looked after and their families. Cakes and cookies included of course!

Running a cafe really allowed me to stretch my repertoire and cook on a larger scale, not just for our daily customers but for functions also.

After a lot of fun, partying and burning the candle at both ends throughout my twenties I have to admit I was not feeling as happy as I knew I could, it had taken it’s toll and I was feeling the downside. I knew deep inside that I was capable of feeling a lot of joy and wanted to share that, but this was being regularly eclipsed by my low moods and high anxiety. Something had to change.

After much researching I decided to do a natural nutrition course and really pursue my dream of helping others to be their best selves through a healthy, delicious diet and natural, holistic lifestyle whilst helping myself at the same time. I loved every minute of my course and still enjoy going to regular seminars, workshops and events to learn new and exciting ways forward in nutrition and healing. I am now a support tutor at Nutritional Healing Foundation, have just finished my Level 2 practitioner in EFT and am also a member of The Complementary Medical Association.