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Spring has sprung, fantastic and what a beautiful day for it too!! I am enjoying a Spring cleanse and am going to share some more tips on how to help your body rid itself of excess toxicity so that you can truly spring into action and forge ahead with all those well made plans, ideas, […]

Hello lovely people I hope you have been outside enjoying some of the Spring sunshine. I am writing about detoxing today as it is Spring Equinox on Tuesday 20th March and this sees us heading into Spring properly. With lighter evenings, buds on the trees, flowers popping up and new births this really is a […]

It can be soooo easy to think about the crappy things in life and not really give enough notice to the good stuff so here I am basking in the glow of how great life can be sometimes… Something for me to read back over when I am having one of “those” days Friday night […]

I am lovin today!! I have been for a wonderful run in the woods which was easier and far more enjoyable than I thought after a break due to sore leg, snow and ice (and maybe a touch of laziness!!). Did 25 mins of yoga for runners which was hard but I am sure very […]

Happy Merry New Year Everyone!!! So the last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me, sometimes that’s life, but I have a renewed love for linseed tea. It has seen me through the last couple of weeks keeping me calm when I could have lost the plot and keeping me hydrated when I […]

How do you want to welcome 2012? Probably not feeling too sorry for yourself so here are a few ideas for damage limitation ahead of the celebrations…. Water!! You knew I would say that but water is the most important ingrediant as it will help your body to function more effectively and your liver to […]

So Christmas is done and New Years Eve is looming up ahead followed by 2012 and all those fabulous New Years Resolutions….. Time to talk Smoothies me thinks!! The perfect choice for if you are feeling a little too full of Christmas food/booze/cheer and stuck to the sofa. Get up and get creative in the […]

Ok so here we are with more “tools”  to keep you healthy and happy over Christmas, Boxing day and New Years Eve… Vitamin C- The master antioxidant! Vital for gobbling up those pesky free radicals that occur during times of stress, when we smoke and when we consume stimulants such as refined sugars and alcohol….Yep, […]

So we are in the throws of the festive season and feeling full of Christmas cheer and merriment (hopefully!). To look after ourselves and our precious bodies over this season I will be offering “tools” for your “toolbox” that you can dip in and out of to stay healthy, happy and full of Goodwill! Number […]

So here we are , winter is well and truly upon us! Darker days, frosty mornings and everyone going nuts about Crimbo…… Yes it is in full swing So we need to be looking at how to protect ourselves during this hectic time. In the winter our bodies want to naturally hibernate. If we go […]