It seems healthy eating has gone out the window along with your Mojo!

You are feeling fed up, run down and knackered. Your body seems to be wobbling in all the wrong places. You can’t get rid of that nagging headache/cough/cold that seems to be hanging on and every day life has become a bit of a struggle.

You have tried different diets but they were hard to stick to and offered no support. You want to eat more healthily but with so many fad diets and conflicting messages out there it is hard to know what is healthy anymore.

Asking friends doesn’t get you anywhere as they are stuck in the same rut as you. You haven’t got time to trawl the internet and you are fed up of bothering your doctor. You end up feeling confused and disheartened, it seems easier to just stick to what you know and carry on as you are!

What you need is down to earth advice about healthy eating for life, no quick fixes or fad diets. Imagine having a healthy eating plan that takes your personal lifestyle into account and consultations that fit around your timetable. Picture spending time with your family and friends without feeling tired and stressed out. How fantastic would it feel to fit back into your skinny jeans? Imagine feeling supported.

I want this for you. I know what it’s like to not have the energy to play with your kids or lead the life you really want. I understand what it is to have a bad relationship with food.  I have been there. I finally hit rock bottom and decided to see a naturopathic nutritionist and the rest, as they say, is history!

I spent 3 years training to become a naturopathic nutritionist myself and since then have thoroughly enjoyed helping people regain their health and find their Mojo again through healthy eating. That’s why I created these different packages, with you in mind. So please take that first step towards regaining your health, energy and Mojo…..

  • NEW! Walk `n Talk Healthy Eating Coaching. Does what it says…We walk and talk for 30-40 minutes discussing an issue that you would like to resolve then retreat to a nearby cafe in the park for a cupppa or a bench if it´s sunny and put your goals into writing. You leave with an action sheet clearly showing what steps you need to take for the coming weeks to get you closer to your goal. The benefits of walking and being out in nature are huge and you will leave feeling clearer, inspired and motivated to move forward. These take place in Cassiobury Park – Watford, Aquadrome – Rickmansworth and King George Park – Bushey. 1 hour -£35   Book now

  • One off healthy eating MOT. An in depth look into where you are at the moment, where you want to be and how to get there with regards to your diet. Includes treatment plan and handouts.  2 hours – £ 80. Book now
  • 1 step at a time. Initial consultation 1.5 hours – £60. Follow up consultations up to 1 hour – £45. This price includes initial research, treatment plans and handouts. Book now
  • Health in a Hurry. A completely online healthy eating tweak-a-thon! I send you a questionnaire and a 7 day food diary to fill out . You send it back and I make suggestions, tweaks and offer alternatives on some of the more unhealthy foods you may be eating and where there is room for improvement. £60. This price includes research and all suggestions and recipes that I email you. Book now
  • Fridge Raid and/or Store Detective. Going shopping has become a confusing and exhausting chore as you are not sure what is healthy and what isn’t. It can be a minefield out there!! Let me come with you and help you shop for delicious, easy and  healthy meals without the mayhem! Or would you like me to come to your house and go on a Fridge Raid!? I can go through your cupboards and fridge with you to help “de junk”, get creative with what you have and compile a list of store cupboard essentials. 1 hour each. £ 50 .This includes a write up of healthy foods to have in stock and on your shopping list etc.  Free within 5 mile radius, mileage charged after that. Book now
  • Regain control. You are feeling out of control, ashamed, guilty and misunderstood. You are food obsessed and and confused. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and around food. This 6 week structured success plan will allow you to regain control of unhealthy eating habits. 3 sessions with me and 3 sessions with Christine Black a cognitive hypnotherapist. £400. Book now