Enrollment 1st Deadline Approaching

The monthly installment payment program application paperwork (done through FACTS Tuition Management) must be in no later than June 18th for any family opting for the 10 month payment option. This means that interested families need to submit the grant and aid assessment paperwork before even that date (we encourage families to have that information in no later than June 1st). Families who miss this date but who still wish to pay in monthly installments will have to do so in 9 monthly installments or less (depending upon the submission date).

If you’re considering enrolling at the Teddy McArdle Free School for next fall, you should Contact us immediately.

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Theresa is a nutrition specialist, as well as working at Barclays Bank. She helps others out on her website at fresh-nutrition.com.

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    groovy article Wendy

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    Is a vegan diet good for you these days Wendy

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