Get Beautiful Eyebrows Fast – Top Eyebrow Tips

If you want big, beautiful, healthy eyebrows that just beg for positive attention, then you’ll want to take advantage of every trick and secret to creating killer brows. A multi-pronged approach is always best – one that includes health tips, beauty tips, and industry secrets.

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Here are Our Top Eyebrow Tips!

Eat Clean with the Right Choices

A poor diet often shows first in hair loss – and that includes your eyebrows. Essential fatty acids and vitamins are key to keeping hair healthy and full. Iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other nutrients are key to a hair-friendly diet.

Stop Using the Tweezers

Tweezing can damage hair follicles, meaning that you won’t ever be able to grow hair from that follicle again. It can also cause ingrown hairs, tiny red and sore wounds in and around the follicle. Not only are they unsightly, they can get infected and cause scarring.

Focus on Natural Remedies

Many natural remedies are based on nutritional facts. If you have a deficiency in your diet, for example, adding the right natural remedy can help to replace the missing substance. Castor oil, for example, is a great source of fatty acids, which encourage hair to grow in thicker and faster – signs of good health. Some suggest you apply the castor oil directly to your brows each night before sleep. Massage it in for about a minute. It may take up to six weeks to see a difference.

Got and Try a Wax

Contrary to some rumours out there, waxing does not permanently remove follicles, and does not damage the skin. When done regularly, waxing can even help to remove the outer layer of dead skin, leaving skin smooth and fresh – and of course hair-free.

Perfect the art of Shaping

The inner edge of the brow should be directly above the centre of the nostril on that same side.

If you were to draw a live from the outer edge of the nostril, over the outer edge of the eye, it should hit the spot where the outer edge of the eyebrow ends.

If you were to draw another line from the tip of your nose, through the centre of your pupil, it should cross the highest point of the arch.

Of course, different faces mean slight differences in these guidelines, but for most people they are a very useful guide to getting most out of our eyebrow shaping efforts.

Give the mirror some space!

Nobody sees your eyebrows from an inch away – at least no one who is paying much attention to them at the time – and you shouldn’t either. Don’t stand right up against a mirror to do your eyebrow shaping. Especially avoid using a magnifying mirror.

Stand back a little. You’ll get a true idea of how your brows are looking on your face, and how they look in relation to each other. You may need to step in from time to time to ensure accuracy, but for the most part, it is the views from a metre or two back that should guide the process – not the microscopic up-close ones!

Be Cautious With Products

Don’t overdo it. If you draw on your eyebrows like you’re filling in a colouring book, it will look like it – and no one wants to look like a colouring book. Use short, upward strokes, thicker at the bottom and lighter at the top. These look more like your natural hair and will blend in better.

Use Highlights

Define your brows and set off the subtle drama with a tasteful highlight. Something slightly – slightly – shiny beneath the arch of your brows can be quite effective, and a subtle blending into the top of the cheekbones can highlight both of these attractive features. It will increase definition and shape, while drawing the eye to the places you want to show off.

Recovery is Key

Eyebrow care – at least the move invasive parts of it, like plucking, waxing or threading – is not a daily or even weekly activity. Your brows will need time to heal and recover from this type of care. We recommend you wait at least six weeks between plucking, waxing or threading, not just for the skin to stay healthy, but also to promote thicker, stronger hairs.

Use your colours and pencils on a daily basis if you wish – they won’t damage anything, and should keep you looking great between your other treatments.

By resisting the urge to over-care for your eyebrows, you’ll actually promote a healthier face and eyebrow to work with, which will benefit your beauty efforts in the long run.

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