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Spiced Hot Choccy!!

Ok, so this is a raw hot chocolate with a Mexican twist…..Make sense!?? It doesn´t need to, it is totally delicious and nutritious 3 cups water 1 cup almonds 12 chopped, dried dates 5 tbsps raw cacao powder/cocoa 1-2 tsps cinnamon 1-2 tsps cayenne pepper 1 tsp nutmeg Whizz almonds in the blender first then […]


Shrek Super Smoothie!!

As a nanny and a healthy eating coach I know that getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg is essential for growing bodies. Getting kids to eat greens on the other hand can seem like an uphill struggle. This smoothie works wonderfully and has been tried and tested on 20 6-11 year old […]


Juicey Juices!

Here are 3 of the juices that I made up and enjoyed during my juice cleanse. Try to buy organic where possible and make sure you wash well before juicing. Basically with all the recipes you just chuck them all in the juicer and go! If you only have a high speed blender then you […]


Wholemeal Vegan Banana Muffins.

So the kids are back to school and “normal” life is resuming. Stuck for healthy, quick breakfast and snack ideas? Try these tasty muffins, great for kids and grown ups! These are an easy, quick and healthy way to use up any old bananas that are “on the turn”. 4 ripe bananas 1/2 cup brown […]


Roasted Butternut squash and carrot soup

1 Butternut squash roasted in large chunks with skin and seeds. 500 grams carrots. 4 cloves garlic. 1 large onion. ½ red chili chopped. Chunk of fresh ginger. Big squeeze of tomato puree. Generous sprinkle of cumin seeds, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon. 2 heaped tsps reduced salt, vegan, gluten free Bouillon powder. Organic butter or […]


Seven day green smoothie challenge

Evening peeps, I have embarked upon this fun challenge along with many other bloggers inspired by I have really been enjoying my green smoothies a lot more since my detox and am looking forward to trying different ones. I am just making it up as I go along but will definitely be trying some […]


Runnin’ rollin’ yoga & easy peasy Nori Rolls

I am lovin today!! I have been for a wonderful run in the woods which was easier and far more enjoyable than I thought after a break due to sore leg, snow and ice (and maybe a touch of laziness!!). Did 25 mins of yoga for runners which was hard but I am sure very […]


My secret love affair… with linseed tea

Happy Merry New Year Everyone!!! So the last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me, sometimes that’s life, but I have a renewed love for linseed tea. It has seen me through the last couple of weeks keeping me calm when I could have lost the plot and keeping me hydrated when I […]


Smooth operator

So Christmas is done and New Years Eve is looming up ahead followed by 2012 and all those fabulous New Years Resolutions….. Time to talk Smoothies me thinks!! The perfect choice for if you are feeling a little too full of Christmas food/booze/cheer and stuck to the sofa. Get up and get creative in the […]


Shepherdess Pie

So, I have people asking for ideas for vegan, healthy, easy dinners quite a lot so as I was cooking my dinner I thought I would take some photos and write it all down as it is top scran!! We call this Shepherdess Pie and I normally make the topping with a mix of sweet […]