Reclining Garden Chairs & Summer Garden Ideas

Autumn is an inspiring time of year, and we’ve got some inspiration for you in your garden to make the most of this beautiful time.

Growing vegetables
The beauty of growing your own vegetables.

Home Grown Vegetables & Tasty Borders

There’s always something very special about making your own things. It goes for both natural and man-made products, when you’ve done it yourself, you feel a much greater sense of satisfaction.

That’s why I always recommend to my clients that they grow their own vegetables, because not only is it much more healthy, it’s also a lot of fun! You can also encourage children to participate, allowing them a fun learning experience that can also help them become healthier adults in later life.


Reclining Garden Furniture For Extra Comfort

This is an excellent step to make your outdoor experience sublime, purchase some reclining garden furniture, made from UV stabilised rattan, and an aluminium frame, from Gardencentreshopping. They provide you with extra thick cushions, and a rocking mechanism that’s simply the most comfortable thing you will ever sit on.

New Expertly Crafted Reclining Garden Chairs Hit the Market

The UK is now blessed to have an even greater range of reclining as we go into the summer of 2018, with Garden Centre Shopping UK releasing a range of rocking rattan reclining garden chairs that are simply amazing! They are weatherproof because of their continued use of UV stabilized hand woven rattan combined with aluminium frames and fixings. You are definitely advised to use them if you’re investing in new garden furniture over the autumn and into next spring.

Even though sometimes it might be obvious, your garden isn’t always going to look fantastic. But at least if you choose weatherproof garden furniture, then you can afford to leave one job off your list this year!

Get Beautiful Eyebrows Fast – Top Eyebrow Tips

If you want big, beautiful, healthy eyebrows that just beg for positive attention, then you’ll want to take advantage of every trick and secret to creating killer brows. A multi-pronged approach is always best – one that includes health tips, beauty tips, and industry secrets.

eyebrows and health

Here are Our Top Eyebrow Tips!

Eat Clean with the Right Choices

A poor diet often shows first in hair loss – and that includes your eyebrows. Essential fatty acids and vitamins are key to keeping hair healthy and full. Iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other nutrients are key to a hair-friendly diet.

Stop Using the Tweezers

Tweezing can damage hair follicles, meaning that you won’t ever be able to grow hair from that follicle again. It can also cause ingrown hairs, tiny red and sore wounds in and around the follicle. Not only are they unsightly, they can get infected and cause scarring.

Focus on Natural Remedies

Many natural remedies are based on nutritional facts. If you have a deficiency in your diet, for example, adding the right natural remedy can help to replace the missing substance. Castor oil, for example, is a great source of fatty acids, which encourage hair to grow in thicker and faster – signs of good health. Some suggest you apply the castor oil directly to your brows each night before sleep. Massage it in for about a minute. It may take up to six weeks to see a difference.

Got and Try a Wax

Contrary to some rumours out there, waxing does not permanently remove follicles, and does not damage the skin. When done regularly, waxing can even help to remove the outer layer of dead skin, leaving skin smooth and fresh – and of course hair-free.

Perfect the art of Shaping

The inner edge of the brow should be directly above the centre of the nostril on that same side.

If you were to draw a live from the outer edge of the nostril, over the outer edge of the eye, it should hit the spot where the outer edge of the eyebrow ends.

If you were to draw another line from the tip of your nose, through the centre of your pupil, it should cross the highest point of the arch.

Of course, different faces mean slight differences in these guidelines, but for most people they are a very useful guide to getting most out of our eyebrow shaping efforts.

Give the mirror some space!

Nobody sees your eyebrows from an inch away – at least no one who is paying much attention to them at the time – and you shouldn’t either. Don’t stand right up against a mirror to do your eyebrow shaping. Especially avoid using a magnifying mirror.

Stand back a little. You’ll get a true idea of how your brows are looking on your face, and how they look in relation to each other. You may need to step in from time to time to ensure accuracy, but for the most part, it is the views from a metre or two back that should guide the process – not the microscopic up-close ones!

Be Cautious With Products

Don’t overdo it. If you draw on your eyebrows like you’re filling in a colouring book, it will look like it – and no one wants to look like a colouring book. Use short, upward strokes, thicker at the bottom and lighter at the top. These look more like your natural hair and will blend in better.

Use Highlights

Define your brows and set off the subtle drama with a tasteful highlight. Something slightly – slightly – shiny beneath the arch of your brows can be quite effective, and a subtle blending into the top of the cheekbones can highlight both of these attractive features. It will increase definition and shape, while drawing the eye to the places you want to show off.

Recovery is Key

Eyebrow care – at least the move invasive parts of it, like plucking, waxing or threading – is not a daily or even weekly activity. Your brows will need time to heal and recover from this type of care. We recommend you wait at least six weeks between plucking, waxing or threading, not just for the skin to stay healthy, but also to promote thicker, stronger hairs.

Use your colours and pencils on a daily basis if you wish – they won’t damage anything, and should keep you looking great between your other treatments.

By resisting the urge to over-care for your eyebrows, you’ll actually promote a healthier face and eyebrow to work with, which will benefit your beauty efforts in the long run.


9 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer in Sheffield

There is one constant when it comes to celebrations and festivals the world over: Food. Regardless of the other things going on – a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, retirement party or holiday – the catering plays a huge role in making it a success or a failure.

Because of this, the choice of which catering service to use is one of the foundational decisions of any party-planning process. If the food tastes bad (or worse, makes people ill), nothing else about the event has much hope of rescuing it. Likewise, lacklustre entertainment can easily be overlooked if accompanied by a delicious meal. Catering in Sheffield by Bellisimo Food.

Feeding a large group of people will also be one of the largest budgetary items as well – sometimes the largest single item. A large purchasing commitment like that deserves proper care and attention. Try to save too much, and you wind up with substandard food and/or service; but spend too much and you may have little left for anything else.

Buffet Catering

Since caterers (and individual caterers’ packages) can vary in price by many factors of magnitude, you might find yourself comparing choices that are so far apart, it gets difficult to figure out what criteria you should really be using to find the best company and package for your needs.

Don’t despair. We went right to the source, to the caterers themselves, to find out what criteria you should use to determine a great deal from one that’s too good to be true. Armed with these nine things to consider, the mystery of how to choose a caterer should fade before your eyes and, hopefully, so will some of the stress.

Make sure to always worry about food hygiene in Sheffield:

9 Key Issues to Focus on when Hiring a Caterer in Sheffield

#1 – Genuine interest and responsiveness

This is number one because it came up over and over again as we spoke to industry professionals. Some caterers will try to push certain deals or packages based on their own needs – not yours – and this almost always means you get the wrong final result.

During your initial consultation, the caterer should be listening as much as (or more than) they are talking. They should be asking questions about what you want, details about the people you plan to provide the food for, and your personal tastes and positive experiences with eating catered food in the past. They should be asking about the theme of your event, the goals you have for it, and the purpose you’re putting it on. This kind of a first meeting is usually indicative of how much they will listen as the process moves forward.

There will be more than one company that claims to have the best dishes, best ingredients, and even the best prices for what you’re getting. Some of them will be telling the truth. Of these, you’ll want to choose one that is also quick to return calls and emails, and is open to new ideas and to polite criticisms of what they offer.

A caterer who listens to what you want, is open to adapting to those preferences, and responds to your communications quickly, should make the short list of final choices.

#2 – Being able to niche down to your event type

Quality caterers specialise, and if a caterer claims to do any and all types and sizes of event, they are probably not very good at handling any particular one of them.

Nearly all caterers do a range of events, and handle a range of sizes and quality levels, but no one provider is top-notch at all of them. Would you expect a company that specialises in massive corporate events to produce a great little intimate wedding, or children’s party? A specialist in formal Kosher or Halal meals to put on a massive outdoor barbeque? An Italian food specialist to do a traditional Chinese feast? No.

When you begin looking for a caterer, you should interview at least three of them – even if the first one seems great! Ask each of them about these 9 criteria, and only then sit down with all of the information and decide which is the right choice, or which ones require a few additional questions. Make sure the short-listed companies have done your kind of event before, or something very like it, and are fully aware of your expectations.

#3 – Giving you lots of menu options

Most caterers have a standard menu of food choices – the usual ‘chicken or fish’ choices perhaps, plus vegetarian and vegan options. The options should be current, regularly updated, and reflect some care put into it by the caterer.

The caterer should also be open to changes based on your own preferences and visions for your particular party, including special dietary needs, like religious or other dietary restrictions, avoidance of allergens, and so on. Even portion sizes should be considered and adaptable to your preferences.

Not all caterers will take on a family recipe, for example, but some will. Some will add children’s meal options to the menu.

If any of these considerations are important to you, they must be available with that particular caterer. Even if you don’t have this kind of need, the willingness of a caterer to provide them is often a good indicator that they are service oriented, and don’t see you as just another invoice at the end of the month.

Whether you plan to ask for a modified menu or not, ask about the options and their willingness to adapt to specific needs. The questions should be answered with some caution (no caterer should promise the world on a budget), but with positivity and an openness to hear what you have to say. If they ask what you have in mind, be ready with a query such as children’s meal options, vegan options, or something similar, even if you don’t have a specific request of your own.

#4 – Offers Tastings

You will need to taste the food, both to know that it is suitable to what you want, and to be able to compare the food at the actual event to what was promised. Don’t concern yourself with being a bother, either – tasting a product (that you are about to spend thousands on) is standard practice, and should be done before signing any contracts or paying any deposits.

Caterers should be willing to provide you with samples of all appetisers, entrees and desserts (often wine or other specific beverages too). Often this comes with a tasting fee (especially if a wine tasting is included), but other times it is provided as a part of the process and the cost of it absorbed into the total bill for the event. Either one is standard industry practice and should not ring any alarm bells. Only refusal or excuses to avoid a tasting should be taken as a negative sign – and a deal-breaker.

Party Catering

When tasting the food, make sure you sample all of the dishes, where possible (a vegan won’t want to taste the steak, but could bring along a friend who could), and take pictures of each dish before tasting. This will aid you when trying to remember details of it – and may show your caterer that you are a serious customer and will expect them to bring their ‘A-game’ on the actual day. If they don’t make even a single sample look good, they are not likely to do so for your event; if they take care to make the tasting look great, they are more likely to provide a culinary piece of art on the big day.

#5 – Knows *and loves* your venue

You may be familiar with your venue, but it is very important that you make the caterer aware of it as well. Most good caterers will remember to ask about the chosen venue, and to get as much information as they need about it – including a tour if one can be arranged. If you book your caterer first, however, this may not be an option at the time and can easily be overlooked amid the stress and complexity of other planning. Make a careful note of this need, and be sure to make it happen.


Depending on the kind of event you are planning, the kind of food you wish to have, and the facilities you choose, the wrong combination can create a domino-effect of scheduling and production problems, sometimes resulting in disaster.

If a caterer can see the facilities first, special arrangements can be made to ensure that proper equipment and storage volume (such as cookers, freezers, trolleys and the like) are on hand. It also allows the caterer to estimate how many staff people can effectively work in the space, thereby letting them plan better and have a more accurate projection of serving and turnaround times.

Some venues have particular rules, too. Certain smelly foods (fish sometimes falls into this category) may not be allowed to be cooked on the premises, certain foods may not be allowed in some venues at all, such as non-Kosher or non-Halal foods, meats in general, anything with peanuts (or other common allergens) in them, and so on. Some entrances and exits may be designated for catering services while others are forbidden. Food waste protocols may be quite strict or unique. There may not be parking for vans or other vehicles either. All of these issues can be identified and worked around – if a simple tour is arranged.

#6 – Completely Explains the Contract to you

The contract should always include a very clear, detailed description of the food, beverages and services being provided, including accurate times and dates. The selected menu(s) should be on it, as well as the number of servings and/or people to be served, details of any beverages or bar service provided, and all additional services – and everything with precise pricing provided.

Some items are included in a standard contract, and others are upgrades. Find out which items are upgrades, and have them clearly marked. Also inquire as to the number of staff projected to be in attendance, and have that on the contract as well (as a minimum). As a rule of thumb, there should be about one person for every twelve guests. This includes servers, chefs, transport people and anyone else the caterer needs to make that part of the event happen.

Make sure you have a detailed description of cleaning responsibilities. This is normally the responsibility of the caterer (at least food-related cleaning), but it is important to have that in writing. Most caterers take unconsumed food away with them unless otherwise agreed and a liability waiver is signed.

The contract will normally protect the caterer from non-payment or default, and should also protect you from non-performance (failure of the caterer to provide the promised foods and services within a reasonable time of the agreed-upon schedule). It’s often worth your time and money to have an attorney look it over prior to signing.

#7 – Shows you the cancellation plan

You don’t plan to cancel your event, and your caterer probably intends to fulfil the agreed services in good faith – but sometimes emergencies happen.

Make sure there is a cancellation clause in the contract and that you understand what happens if you need to cancel, and what the caterer has in place to handle emergencies on their end of things. This should mean a full refund, but sometimes deposits are non-refundable – make sure yours is, and that you have it in the contract. Some caterers have agreements in place with other companies to refer you for a quick save of your event. You may be angry if this situation occurs, but keep your cool and take advantage of your would-be caterer’s professional contacts. It might just save your day.

#8 – Has references you can trust and call

Start with Yelp, TrustPilot, and other online review services, but keep in mind that these have an uncommonly high ratio of negative feedback – most positive experiences aren’t reviewed on these sights. If you can talk to previous clients, especially privately, you’ll get the most reliable feedback. Venues where they have previously worked can be good sources of feedback too – especially if the caterer cited a major past event there as a great success.

#9 – Insured

Every good caterer – EVERY ONE – should have insurance coverage. You don’t want to be liable for any damage caused by a caterer’s negligence or even a legitimate accident.

The contract should include assurances that insurance is in place. In the event of a problem, you can use this as additional protection from liability.

You can search for high food standard companies in Sheffield here:

Do Hair Vitamin Gummies Help Grow Your Hair?

We all want long, strong and soft hair don’t we?

I mean the picture below is literally my idea of heaven! 😀

hair growth

However if we’re going to be realistic, when we wake up in the morning most days our hair will feel like a thick, dry tangled mess, and will not resemble the shine of a shampoo advert.

That’s why it’s so important to look after your hair, which includes a washing and conditioning routines, but also has to do with hydration and our diet.

How can vitamins help with hair growth?

That’s where vitamins can come in. As with all supplements, they enable us to live our lives as we currently do, with all of our dietary preferences, and simply top up the nutrients we need.

For our hair, it’s as simple as taking a daily supplement that’s designed to provide you with the nutrients your hair needs to be healthy.

What nutrients do you need for healthy hair?

There are some very important nutrients that your hair needs to grow strong and healthy, and we go over them below:

  • Vitamin C – this helps to build collagen, which helps to keep your hair strong.
  • Biotin – this stimulates hair growth.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – these help to keep your hair follicles moist.

These are all easy to get via a healthy diet, but we don’t always have the time to get them into our system, which is why having these supplements beside your bed can greatly benefit you.

What is the best vitamin to take for hair growth?

The best vitamin for hair growth in our opinion is the Yumi Nutrition hair skin and nails gummies found here, as they contain all of the key vitamins and nutrients (including biotin), while also being a tasty gummy that’s much more enjoyable to take than a large tablet.

SEO Problems and How to Fix Them

What is ecommerce SEO?

Seo (SEO) is the procedure of generating extra organic (i.e. cost-free, natural) traffic from sites like Google, Bing as well as Yahoo. When you search for something on Google, for instance, you are taken to the search engine results page (SERP).

There, you’ll locate ten natural results, like these (red). Alongside the paid advertisements (orange) and sponsored Google Shopping (purple) results. Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization is about ensuring your product pages show up amongst those 10 organic search engine result.

Naturally, there are much more web pages to discover. Yet the higher the page number you rank on, the reduced the web traffic you’ll generate. A few years ago, a study found that only 4.8% of searchers make it to the second web page of search outcomes. I suppose that’s why they state the ideal location to conceal a dead body is on web page two of Google. Your rank on the first web page issues. The very same study located that the leading result grabs 32.5% of web traffic on average.

The name of the game, after that, is to rate as high up on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on as you could for search terms that your prospective consumers could be utilizing.

You can also find some famous people online such as Brian Dean and Neil Patel, who share useful information on this particular problem, such as the video below:

How can services help your business?

Basically if you sell products online, then you can sell more products if you’re in front of more of your target customers. And this is what ecommerce SEO can do, it basically brings your website in front of more people searching for your product, leading to more sales and more money! Now who doesn’t like the sound of that?

You can also consider an ecommerce SEO expert, they can offer you ecommerce seo services that can help to rank your online shopping site in Google for keywords that will drive sales on your website.

Further Resources about Search Engine Marketing

If you’d like to teach yourself about SEO, or simply want to know more about it to help you hire someone yourself, then please feel free to checkout the following resources:

Full and Part Time Enrollment

We’re set to open this coming fall offering various types of enrollment from full time enrollment to one off classes:

Full Time Enrollment – for students 5-14 years old. Tuition is on a sliding scale, where each family pays based on their financial ability (with tuition averaging at around $8,000 – $10,000 per year).

Part Time Enrollment – also for 5-14 year old students. You can opt anywhere from 1 day a week to 4 days a week at a fixed rate of $2,000/day for the year. Coming for partial days (e.g. mornings all week long) is also a possibility. This might be the perfect partnership for home and unschooling families. Space is limited for part time students, and so, if you’re interested, contact us immediately!

After School Classes – we’ll have more information on this once the school year has started, but we’re intending on holding democratically run after school classes on varied subjects. So far we’ve been considering courses from professional web design to mastering soccer!

During School Classes – also geared for home and unschooling families, we’re intending on opening up some of our regular school hour classes and activities. If this sounds enticing, let us know so we can add you to the mailing list!

We’re moving into a beautiful seven room school space, with an auditorium, a stage, a huge kitchen, a playground, and two parks within walking distance in Little Falls, NJ, conveniently located near routes 46 and 23.

If you’re considering enrollment, please feel free to contact us to reserve your spot.


Contemporary and Classical images of one of the most exciting days of your life!
Weddings are now being photographed in a more relaxed contemporary style which captures the true emotion and realism of the day.  Classical poses are still valued and I find a combination of the two styles can work very well.
I will record your wedding day with natural portraits of the Bride and Groom, family groups, bridesmaids, best man and guests using digital technology.  Working digitally also allows me to produce subtle or dramatic photographs in colour, black & white, sepia, colour tones and also black & white with selected colour.
Your images are presented in your choice of an album from Spicer Hallfield,
G F Smith or Glorious Books.  All options include on-line wedding albums so your family and friends can view and purchase their favourite photographs through my website.
Please contact me for a detailed brochure of my services or ring me for an informal chat.



Fully qualified and experienced, Norma Dean Photography provides beautiful and original photography for weddings and portraits and our services include:

  ●  All necessary consultations  ●  Digital art work  ●  On-line wedding albums  ●  DVD slideshows  ●  Wide choice of Contemporary and Classical Wedding

At your wedding our aim is to produce a set of images with style, flair and imagination reminding you of what a fantastic day you had.

Norma studied photography for 3 years at college and gained distinctions in the City & Guilds Photograph course.  She has also been awarded a Licentiateship from the  Royal Photographic Society and the British Portrait Photographers Association.
Norma is usually assisted by her husband, Stuart, who you will see carrying her equipment but the thing he does best is rounding up your guests for group photographs – he does this in a very tactical way so things run very smoothly.
Testimonials:“you did a superb job on the day, no-one could have wished for better.  The results are absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to view the album.  You have given us all a wonderful memento and in an industry which can be a bit of a minefield, we feel privileged to have had you on the day.  Many thanks.”  Linda & Roger Briggs

“We hoped our wedding would be wonderful and it was, we hoped our photographs would be lovely and they were fantastic.  Thank you for all your help on the day which helped things run smoothly but most of all, thank you for giving us such vivid and special memories”
 Julie and James Blackburn
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job that Norma Dean Photography did on our wedding.  From the very outset we were taken not only with your friendly approach but also with the high degree of professionalism and obvious experience.  On the big day Norma was punctual, unobtrusive and well organised and this is reflected in the high quality of all the photographs.  The degree of after wedding service was also extremely high.”
 Jonathan and Caroline Dempsey


Enrollment 1st Deadline Approaching

The monthly installment payment program application paperwork (done through FACTS Tuition Management) must be in no later than June 18th for any family opting for the 10 month payment option. This means that interested families need to submit the grant and aid assessment paperwork before even that date (we encourage families to have that information in no later than June 1st). Families who miss this date but who still wish to pay in monthly installments will have to do so in 9 monthly installments or less (depending upon the submission date).

If you’re considering enrolling at the Teddy McArdle Free School for next fall, you should Contact us immediately.