Autumn Garden Ideas & Products to Buy 2017/2018

Autumn is an inspiring time of year, and we’ve got some inspiration for you in your garden to make the most of this beautiful time.

Growing vegetables

The beauty of growing your own vegetables.

Home Grown Vegetables & Tasty Borders

There’s always something very special about making your own things. It goes for both natural and man-made products, when you’ve done it yourself, you feel a much greater sense of satisfaction.

That’s why I always recommend to my clients that they grow their own vegetables, because not only is it much more healthy, it’s also a lot of fun! You can also encourage children to participate, allowing them a fun learning experience that can also help them become healthier adults in later life.


Reclining Garden Furniture For Extra Comfort

This is an excellent step to make your outdoor experience sublime, purchase some reclining garden furniture, made from UV stabilised rattan, and an aluminium frame, from Gardencentreshopping. They provide you with extra thick cushions, and a rocking mechanism that’s simply the most comfortable thing you will ever sit on.

New Expertly Crafted Reclining Garden Chairs Hit the Market

The UK is now blessed to have an even greater range of reclining as we go into the summer of 2018, with Garden Centre Shopping UK releasing a range of rocking rattan reclining garden chairs that are simply amazing! They are weatherproof because of their continued use of UV stabilized hand woven rattan combined with aluminium frames and fixings. You are definitely advised to use them if you’re investing in new garden furniture over the autumn and into next spring.

Our new top pick for garden furniture this year (2017/18), as well as some others, as the table below shows:

Top UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers
Company name Rating Website
Gardencentreshopping 90%
Garden Furniture Centre 85%
QD Stores 78%
Greenfingers 76%

Even though sometimes it might be obvious, your garden isn’t always going to look fantastic. But at least if you choose weatherproof garden furniture, then you can afford to leave one job off your list this year!


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